Get the lowdown on Propecia and Finasteride


Most of our customers come to us because they’ve tried several other ways to manage their hair loss without success. In fact, many customers are literally at their wits end after exhausting every option imaginable.

We met a new client today who has spent over $50,000 USD on hair transplant surgery, yet feels no happier for it because the results didn’t turn out the way he wanted. We meet people like this all the time who are just looking for a straightforward solution, yet somehow always get led down the garden path with false promises.

Just lately, we’ve had a lot of customers talking about a pill called Propecia, containing the active ingredient Finasteride. The product is fairly well known, although first hand accounts of its effectiveness vary greatly. Many such accounts are written by the same companies trying to sell Propecia so the opinions are hardly likely to be unbiased.

We wrote a quick article on the product so if you’d like a more balanced view, see our Propecia page.


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