What is DermMatch?


DermMatch is an instant hair loss concealer, often used to cover up female hair loss, male pattern baldness, alopecia and hair transplant scars. The product looks very similar to make-up and even uses the same applicators.

How does DermMatch work?

DermMatch powder clings to existing hair, making it look fuller and thicker, and is therefore only suitable for those who still have a certain amount of hair on their heads. DermMatch also colours the scalp to match your hair colour.

It works instantly, adding fullness to thin hairs whilst causing small, exposed areas of the scalp to disappear. It looks fairly natural and you can brush it. The manufacturer claims you can walk in the rain with it, sweat with it or even swim with it, although experiences vary from person to person. Read Carter’s forum thread for more information.

Does it work?

For what it claims to do, DermMatch does its job very well. We have some reservations about its durability but aside from that, the product seems quite popular amongst hair loss sufferers. Note however that DermMatch (or Dermatch) is a temporary concealer, and does not therefore offer a long term strategy to deal with hair loss. The product requires that you have a certain amount of hair, so if you continue to lose yours, you’ll soon be unable to use DermMatch.

Are there any side effects?

Aside from the occasional allergic reaction, there are no side effects that we are aware of.

What does it cost?

The price of DermMatch varies greatly depending on where you buy it from, and from what country. DermMatch appears to be less costly in the US, but very expensive in comparison in Australia, Europe and the Far East. In the UK a single disk costs around £30 GBP, however it is far cheaper in the United States at around $30 USD per disk.

It is important to note that how long each purchase of DermMatch lasts can vary depending on the extent of hair loss of the individual.


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