China’s FDA Clears iGrow


2000px-Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svgThe hair loss market in China has recently expanded thanks to the first FDA approved hair growth system. Developed by Apira Science Inc. the iGrow is the only hair loss device to receive approval from both the CFDA and U.S FDA. Together with China Central Pharmaceuticals, Apira Science Inc. is now set to sell the devices throughout the country, giving it a much bigger global standing.

What is iGrow?

What makes the iGrow hair growth system so unique is the fact that it offers a hands free LLLT experience. It’s effective and safe to use and is going to prove especially popular with China’s medical centres and hospitals. It uses red light patented technology and has shown in studies to improve hair regrowth by up to 37% in just 16 weeks. As it’s been FDA approved, it can be used at home, making it convenient for consumers.

Understanding China’s hair loss industry

Up until recent years, China wasn’t overly focused on hair loss treatments. However, from 2007-2012, sales of Western hair loss treatments shot up by an incredible 90%. It’s a fast-growing market so it’s unsurprising to see that it has now approved the effective, popular iGrow device.

A 2010 study showed that 6% of Chinese women and around 21% of Chinese men, suffered with hair loss. Another separate study was conducted in 2012 which surveyed 1280 of the country’s balding men. A staggering 80% of those questioned claimed they were unhappy with the treatments they were currently using. Up until recently only natural remedies and hair restore shampoos and over the counter treatments were available.

The Chinese believe that hair loss occurs when there is a nutrient deficiency in the blood and when there’s a weak QI. It’s actually a similar theory to scientific evidence which shows an insufficient amount of niacin and Vitamin C can cause the hair to fall out or start to thin.

Up until recently, the Chinese have used some pretty bizarre home remedies to try restore their hair. Some have even tried using snake gall bladders to help their thinning situation. So the new iGrow device is sure to be a big hit.

Overall, hair loss is a problem that people all over the globe suffer with. Chinese sufferers are finally getting to experience the same benefits of the iGrow as many other countries, including the UK, Turkey, India and Hong Kong.


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