Who is Bosley Medical?


bosley medicalBosley Medical is one of the largest hair transplant specialists in the United States, with over 70 office locations across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Bosley Hair Restoration is a global leader in hair transplantation, having performed more than 200,000 procedures. Aside from surgery Bosley Medical also offer a LaserComb, most likely a rebranded version of the Hairmax Lasercomb, and Bosley Professional Strength, a range of shampoos and other haircare products including a Minoxidil lotion, most likely a rebranded version of Rogaine.

As far as reputations are concerned, Bosley Medical is among the best, however as with all hair loss solution providers we recommend that prospective clients thoroughly research both the company and their allocated practitioner, prior to treatment.

HIS Hair Clinics have opened new clinics in New York and Los Angeles, therefore it is probable that we will see many Bosley Medical clients for complimentary MHT treatments. The most common compliments to hair transplant surgery are applying MHT to the scalp beneath transplanted hair to provide a denser, fuller look, or by camouflaging scars caused by strip or FUE surgery.


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