Beards – A Surprising History


We take a closer look at the beard. The modern style is for beards somewhat reminiscent of those magnificent specimens aimed at, and regularly achieved,  by Edwardian Englishmen, Tsarist Russians and Hells Angels. It is such a strong statement they seem to either occupy the fringes of society or become incredibly popular. We take a look at the surprising history of this most masculine of looks, as the poster so succinctly puts it: “That’s not a beard, that is awesomeness escaping through my face”


Beards Are In!


A great beard is a wonderful thing. Or a terrible harbour for all manner of nasties that you wouldn’t want near your skin. It all depends on your point of view. The fact is that the beard has made its most powerful return to form since the 1930’s and seems destined to go from strength to strength. Sported by just about every would be leading man in Hollywood at some point and very definitely an on-trend, cool look for anyone capable of producing something substantial enough to pass muster. Here is a collection of our favourite snippets from this mighty fashion accessory’s past.


In the Middle Ages it was considered so offensive to touch another mans beard that it was grounds for a duel.



Beards grow faster in the summer

In a survey that asked both men and women how they felt about bearded men compared with clean shaven men, bearded men were deemed to appear older. However, they were also considered more respected, more powerful and possessing a higher status.

On the other hand, bearded men are perceived to be nearly 40% less generous and caring and a whopping 51% less cheerful.



Beards are more common when it is easier to find a partner. A curious fact which implies they might just be more popular with the boys than the girls.

On the other hand, men’s beards grow faster when they haven’t had sex for a while.

The trend for beards in more recent times has seen the demand for beard transplants increase six-fold in the five years to 2013.

In ancient Egypt the Pharoah’s beard was considered holy, the fashion developed to see the Pharoah wear magnificent metal beards, especially the women.



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