Bang On Trend? How Some Fashion Fads Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss


trendy menThere are a lot of factors that can lead to hair loss, but very few people consider the possibility that it could actually be their fashion choices causing their locks to shed. Both men and women who strive to keep up with the latest fashion fads could find themselves paying the price for their on-trend image.

Beware of trendy hairstyles

It’s pretty commonly known that certain hairstyles can contribute to hair loss in women. Anything that involves tying the hair up with a tight hair band can lead to damage, causing the hair to break off. However, it’s not just women who need to worry about their choice of style. The current on-trend man bun is also causing problems for men.

When the hair is constantly tied back tightly in the same direction, it can lead to traction alopecia. The famous Harley Street Clinic in London has reported an increase in traction alopecia cases. Over time, the hair follicles start to loosen and the hair becomes thinner. The final result is permanent hair loss.

So, while once associated with women, in recent years’ traction alopecia has become a rising problem for men too. It isn’t just hair style trends that are causing hair loss either. There are many popular fads causing serious health issues.

The dangers of juicing

Juicing is another fad considered to be healthy. You’ll often see news stories about celebrities and their juice detox diets. After all, juices are created with fruits and vegetables, something we are told to eat a lot of. So how could they be potentially harmful? Well despite their health benefits, juices can lead to flaky skin, rotting teeth and hair loss.

Juice fasts may provide you with some nutrients, but you aren’t getting the carbohydrates, fibre and protein that the body needs. Therefore, it sends a signal to the brain that the body isn’t getting enough nutrients and certain processes start to slow down. This includes hair production. Many people who have undergone an extreme juice fast have gone on to find their hair has fallen out.

So if you’ve started noticing your hair is falling out at a faster rate than usual, it’s a good idea to look into your lifestyle and fashion habits. You could be seriously damaging your hair while trying to keep up with the latest style.


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