Does Alpecin prevent hair loss?


Alpecin is a relatively new shampoo to the UK, although it has been available in Europe for several years.

alpecin hair lossMarketed as “German engineering for your hair”, Alpecin is firmly targeted at men, and although the extensive TV advertising campaign mentions nothing of the sort, there has been a great deal of speculation about its apparent benefits for hair loss sufferers.

A member of our forum started this thread, asking if the caffeine content of Alpecin could help to prevent hair loss. Upon further investigation, although omitted from their ads on TV, it would appear that the product is actively marketed as a hair loss product.

On their UK website, they describe the positive effects of caffeine on this page. There are similar pages on international versions of their site. To find the site for your country click here.

Although we know little about Alpecin, we must admit we’re a little sceptical. Surely if such a well known and widely-used ingredient such as caffeine really did hold the answer to hair loss, it would have been discovered years ago and would be included in every hair loss product available?

The reality is that we just dont know how effective Alpecin is in combating hair loss. It could be argued that its worth trying for just £5.35 GBP per bottle (see Boots website here) , but that will no doubt be exactly their intention. If just a small proportion of men bought just one bottle, the company would realise revenues far beyond even their most ambitious forecasts.

If you have tried Alpecin, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your experience in our forum, for the benefit of all members.


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