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The Yucca plant has been used by Americans, South and Native, for millennia, for it’s medicinal benefits including hair loss. But can it really help? We look closer.



The Yucca plant is easily identified by its long sword shaped leaves, when in flower those leaves are crowned with a tall crop of white or off-white flowers. There are a total of 49 species that grow in an amazing range of climates from subtropical to rocky desert. Because of that versatility there are found as far south as Guatemala with a home range that extends up through Mexico and New Mexico, where they are the State emblem, and as far north as southern Alberta. You can also find them on the islands of the Caribbean.


Native and South Americans have long valued the Yucca for a range of reasons, though not the one they are best know for these days. Today they are most widely cultivated as an ornamental garden plant where they provide a dramatic feature used indoors or out.

Edible Flowers

Those white, or off-white, flowers can be blanched for a few minutes before being added to meals as a flavouring.


Those tough sword shaped leaves are stron enough to make baskets and sharp enough to puncture meat. Native and South Americans use them to create loops from which they hang meat to be cured either with salt or smoke.


Of most interest to us of course are the medicinal properties of Yucca. It can be taken internally as a digestive and to reduce constipation, but that is not really our area of interest. The Yucca are loaded with saponins, one of nature’s cleansers. This has seen Yucca popping up as an ingredient in shampoos that are marketed at people with scalp conditions including hair loss. They are promoted as being able to remove swelling and redness as well as being a dandruff cure.

You can buy Yucca root which then needs to be peeled and mashed prior to application directly to the scalp, and thoroughly rinsed off afterwards. Alternatively you can head to your local health food store and buy the root in powder form.

HIS Hair Clinic

If the question is does Yucca stop hair loss he answer would seem to be a resounding no. But as part of a wider routine that involves improving the diet and quality of your exercise then it can play a part in giving your remaining hair its best chance of staying healthy and strong.

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