Your hair snoozes, your hair loses

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New research has shown that baldness could be the result of sleeping hair follicles. Experts at L’Oreal say hair follicles are having 40 winks, which means new hair doesn’t grown, leading to thinning.

However Dr Bruno Bernard, head of research at L’Oreal, has declared the company will develop a new cream or shampoo to encourage hair to carry on growing.

Could help Prince William’s hair, which is thinning

Hair follicles exist in two states, active or dormant, which means they can flit from state to state sporadically. In the dormant state, hair follicles need a signal to start making new hair. They’re in a latency period, reducing this state of limbo will result in more hair.

L’Oreal has made a formula that can be applied to the scalp and, like an alarm clock, wake the follicle up from its slumber.

Although this won’t stop people from going completely bald, as eventually hair follicles lose the ability to make new hair; this new process could dramatically reduce the rate of baldness.

Almost half of men in the UK suffer from hair loss and thinning of the hair, along with eight million women.

If these findings from L’Oreal prove to be correct, it could help people slow down the balding process and keep their luscious locks for longer.


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