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The South Korean pop superstar known as “Ken” from boy band VIXX, has been speaking candidly about his hair loss and coping methods. We take a closer look. 



VIXX came together on a South Korean TV talent show. They are one of the new breeds of massive acts coming out of Asia. One of which is likely to be appearing in a stadium near you soon. You might miss that completely if you are not in their social media world… but you can be sure their adoring fans will make sure it is a sellout. Their concerts are a blend of music and performance which combine to tell a story. They are a creative blend then, somewhere between Queen and a gang of Butlins Redcoats, all about entertainment but in a style their fans grandparents would not be offended by.     

Lee Jae-hwan was 20 years old in 2012 when he won his place in the six-piece boy band the show created. These days he is simply known as “Ken.”  In his spare time since he has branched out into acting, appearing in television shows, and musicals, where his vocal talents are allowed to shine. A lack of experience as a dancer was identified when he was selected for VIXX, but such was the quality of his voice that the plan was to put him on an intensive 5-month course and get him up to speed. 

In a candid interview,he spoke to tv show Video Star about the challenges he has had to overcome, including his fight against hair loss.


To begin with, Ken’s only serious problem was the dancing. He was a long way behind the other boys in the band and one in particular, Leo, gave him an extremely hard time about it. When asked if he ever considered quitting he replied, “There were times like that, Leo is known as the strict teacher among the VIXX members”. 

He was also asked about his hair loss, something he has confessed to and been willing to discuss in the past. He started by saying that his hair loss was apparently stress related, and adding that he has recovered now. 

He offered some personal advice for other sufferers. Take medicine early he says by which we presume he means one of the two FDA medicated treatments available.  He goes on to warn “You should take medicine before the problem gets serious. it makes your hair thicker, but if you take it after your hair falls out, it becomes useless because there is no more hair.”  On a final note, e added, “…you shouldn’t get too stressed,” and highlighting the need to look out for the small joys in life. 

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There was a point in the interview where Ken confessed to still using spray concealer. He says he uses it when appearing in musicals to stop the harsh lights exposing areas of hair loss. So maybe his claims of being fully recovered are a little exaggerated, nevertheless, e applaud his candour at taking the problem by the horns. Both addressing, through treatment, the problem and discussing it in public. 

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