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Having recently extended the company footprint with the opening of two clinics in the SouthWest of England we have received our first letter of thanks from the region…


All About Alex

Alex Baynes, professional artist by trade, recently opened the latest HIS clinic. We wrote about it at the time (see the original article here), along with some detail on Alex’s back story – his route from being a client at the London clinic and on to becoming a trainee practitioner, where he stood out from the crowd the moment he had a needle in his hand. All the way to today, which has him managing two locations that between them open up a huge section of the population to HIS Hair by bringing a clinic within easy reach in the beautiful south west of England.

Expertise and Dedication

When it comes to great SMP there is no substitute for experience. It is why HIS Hair trainees spend so long acquiring their skills at one of our established clinics before they are ever considered for working in clinic alone. That can happen when the existing incumbent practitioner takes a break for whatever reason, giving one of the experienced hands the chance to travel and the opportunity to talk the talk in another city, or even another continent. So to reach that level the practitioner needs to display much more than the ability to deliver perfect SMP – they need to possess all the attributes required to operate their own business, from the administration to the front of house meet and greet. Unlike so much of the more aggressive competition, looking to grow as fast as possible, it is not enough to be simply willing to have a go and being prepared to pay the franchise fees.

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

It is a funny old saying, one that dates back to times when Britain’s Navy was the engine for the industrial revolution. Bristol, sits in the estuary, or very near it, of the River Avon with one of the most variable tidal flows in the world. The water level can change by over 30 feet between tides leaving many boats beached at low tide. So any ship planning to pass through Bristol would need to be of extremely sturdy construction and the goods in the hold securely stowed.

The phrase has largely fallen out of use but encapsulates nicely how we feel about our new Bristol location. We have no doubt that it will very quickly establish itself as a centre of excellence, not least because of the dedication and skill of the latest recruit Alex. Our faith in Alex was well founded, not simply faith either – we had the benefit of amazing feedback from the trainers during his time schooling with us.

It is the prerogative of any client to choose not to share their before and after pictures. We are always grateful when they do as it gives encouragement and confidence to so many coming behind. But if they are not willing to share we completely respect their choice… especially when they take the trouble to write and share their experience. The testimony below is copied, exactly as it was received, from one of Alex’s clients:

I had been losing my hair since the start of my twenty’s and it really affected me as a person i would feel like staying in and not going out it held me back in so many ways so when I found out about HIS HAIR CLINIC I thought I had found the answer.
I had known about HIS HAIR for about 3 years before making the decision and going for it.
I had a phone consultation first of all with Paul from Birmingham and followed that up with a visit to Birmingham to see Marcus all the staff where very welcoming and understanding
Initially I thought I would have to travel to Birmingham but they told me that there was a clinic in Bristol closer to where I live in Devon which was a lot easier for me.
Alex was my practitioner and the first time I met him he was very welcoming and had a lot of time for me which made me feel at ease.
First session we discussed hairline and what would be suitable for me I had a clear idea in mind and stuck to it.I was so impressed with how it went I couldn’t wait for the second treatment.
Second treatment was to add more density
And to make it look more full
Alex was an absolute gent and and a really nice guy just talking to him about his life and the way he came through this proccess made me feel like I was not alone and that he knew what I was going through
I know if I have any trouble now or in the future he’s only a phone call away
For me I consider him as a friend now even tho I only spent a short time with him the way he has made me feel about myself is something I never thought I would feel again and for that I thank him
Overall the experience was a good one scary at first but once you have made the decision to kick in and go for it you will never look back and I can say without a doubt this is the best thing I have ever done

HIS Hair Clinic

Of course we knew all about Alex’s talents before he opened his doors, but it is great to read it from a client, the horse’s mouth so to speak. Definitive proof we hope that there is no need to risk treatment at another local clinic, or drive a long way to the next nearest HIS Hair Clinic.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with Alex, or any of our friendly team of experts, simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.




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