Why do we lose our hair?

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why hair loss?

why hair loss?On average, we have about one hundred thousand hair follicles which ensure that we have a good, thick head of hair. Each of these hair follicle cells are programmed to follow the hair cycle. When in work mode, hair follicles can produce hair for up to six years, when in rest mode you will lose up to one hundred strands of hair on a daily basis for several months. All hair follicles are on different stages in the hair cycle which is why we normally do not lose all our hair at once, however when the cycles are disrupted it can cause problems. When hair follicles are weak, malnourished or under stress, hair growth will be poor or absent altogether.

There can be numerous factors which can weaken hair follicles and trigger hair loss; the following are some of the most common causes of hair loss;

Washing Your Hair Too Often, Or Not Enough


If you wash your hair too much you are stripping your scalp of the natural oils it needs to maintain a healthy scalp. By not washing your hair enough, the scalp suffers as there can be a build-up of oil which blocks the follicles and prevents healthy hair growth. Aim to wash your hair according to your own personal needs and look for a shampoo which also cleans the scalp and is not too harsh.


Chemical Treatments


When chemicals are in contact with the scalp, it can become irritated. Frequent chemical treatments such as perms and hair dyes can also cause hair strands to break midway which can lead to an overall thinner look.




Unfortunately, balding seems to be a 21st Century disease, our current lifestyles involve late nights, poorer processed diets and stress – each of these factors are known to disrupt the hormonal balance and reduce blood circulation on the scalp. A poorer blood circulation towards the scalp means that hair follicles will be poorly nourished and hair growth can be slowed down or of poor quality.

If you notice that you are losing large amounts of hair, speak to your doctor or to a hair loss expert for more information and to diagnose the root cause. Remember that to reverse the effects of hair loss, it is better to catch and treat the problem early on instead of later when it has advanced.


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