Where To Go For Hair Loss Help?

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Google was, at one point, meant to be the answer to this sort of problem. But put “help with hair loss” into a search and you get 658M results. We take a closer look.


Seeing The Wood Through The Trees

How on earth are you meant to use the world’s most popular search engine to your advantage when it is offering you two thirds of a billion choices? It seems like the opposite of help. You can, of course, narrow your search by refining the question to reflect better the precise circumstances of your own hair loss… add in your age, type of hair loss, ethnicity, location… and on and on. This will help to some extent, particularly when the cause of the hair loss is something other than genetic and is potentially treatable.

We took a look at just one of the popular alternative health sites to see what they were suggesting and whether they had something interesting to add. Native Remedies is a website with a respectable mindset, they look to find, with their team of experts in naturopathy, homeopathy and other “wellness disciplines,” alternative products that are safer, better and free of side effects when compared to prescription drugs.

Tips For Hair Loss

It is almost a relief to report that there are no concoctions on offer, no berry based unction to be rubbed in, or crystals to be waved over the affected area. Instead we are treated to a mostly very sensible list of options. Some, like eating balanced diet and sleeping enough, are well known. Scalp massages are recommended, especially they tell us, when using essential oils like lavender. Others, like investing in a wig or wearing a hat, came as something of a surprise. Then there is the list of practices which presumably came from the “wellness disciplines” team… practicing relaxation techniques, surrounding yourself with supportive positive people.. and last but not least, being kind to yourself, as they put it “acknowledge your value and worthiness.”

HIS Hair Clinic

We do seem to have mostly moved past the era of the snake oil salesmen… though we have moved into another era where the FDA approved drugs, finasteride and minoxidil, are being repackaged and sold themselves as miracle cures… when in truth we have been waiting an awfully long time for their improved replacements.

In the meantime it seems that sites like Native Remedies are doing a decent job of profiling the extreme challenge of holding onto your hair once nature begins to take its course.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts simply complete the contact form at the side of this page, or click here to find your nearest clinic.





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