When Is A Head Tattoo A Bad Idea?

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We write a great deal in praise of scalp micropigmentation, we sometimes forget that some make terrible decisions when it comes to their head.


A Reasonable Grievance?

William Laurence Stanley was sentenced by a judge to spend 12 years in federal prison back in Janary 2016. He had been found guilty of extorting money from a Dallas based business and ordered, as part of his sentence to repay $178,888 to each of his numerous victims.. the projected total of that repayment is expected to exceed $5.5M which gives some idea of the scale of his extortion and the number of his victims.

On The Run…

Last thursday, June 27th, William decided he had had enough of the State’s hospitality and went on the run, escaping from Federal Correctional Institution in Seagoville. The Dallas Violent Crimes Task Force put out a public request for help in finding Stanley. It is not something they do for every escaped convict but Stanley was different for a couple of reasons, the primary reason being the nature of his crime. But the other outstanding reason for going public with their search was the optimism around the chance of a member of the public who, having seen Stanley, remembering where and when. It turns out Stanley has adorned his head with a couple of fairly memorable tattoos, the sort that would both attract your attention and stick in the mind. There is an inscription on the back of his head that reads “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech” – quoting from the first amendment. Now while a tattoo on the back of your head can be covered there is an altogether more challenging problem fro Stanley trying to cover his other tattoo. The dollar bill plastered across his forehead with the word “CENSORED” written large across it.

…But Not For Long

Predictably, the story carrying the police request for help was quickly followed up with an additional line explaining that Stanley had been recaptured in a place called Balch Springs, presumably a short distance from the Federal Correctional Facility in Seagrove from which he had so recently departed. No doubt they will be delighted to welcome him back.

HIS Hair Clinic

We assume the tattoos were part of his reaction to the jail sentence, from a man who clearly has issues around mid to long term planning. Definitely at the other end of the scale from the majority of our clients who usually arrive to us with a well developed and researched plan for their own treatment.

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