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Losing that extra weight you’ve been carrying since college, putting your financial affairs in order so you don’t wait with bated breath every time your Visa gets swiped, call your mother more…because, it’s mom — all noble pursuits for the betterment of oneself.

But lets be honest – jogging sucks, you’re going to put her drinks on your tab because it could happen, and what can be said over the phone that can’t be said in a thoughtful handwritten note (or an email)? But while you endeavor to begin and sustain whatever it was you resolved to do, one thing that should definitely be atop your list is doing something about your hair loss.

You do want to do something about your hair loss, right? Of course you do…or else you wouldn’t be on this crisp, modern website of the world’s leading scalp pigmentation company doing your research. So allow us to help you out with some of that research.

SMP, or scalp micropigmentation, is the art of applying pigment to the scalp to create the appearance of the hair follicle at its shortest length. Applied throughout the scalp, the end result is the air of a full head of hair kept shortly buzzed or shaved. SMP works to camouflage hair transplant and surgery scars on the scalp as well.

Sounds great, so how does take advantage of such a procedure? Just show up randomly at your local clinic, right?


We love visitors and wish we had the availability to take walk ins. However, in the twelve years that HIS has been providing SMP, we have come to learn and recognize that each client has uniqueness to them – their skin type, degree of hair loss, desired style and look.

v-david-before We’re not an one size fits all or off the rack; we’re bespoke.

And that leads us to the first step of the SMP journey with HIS. Like a man of fine taste looking to purchase a bespoke tailored suit, you will first need to set up an initial consultation.

At HIS, we offer three types of consultations: in-person, SKYPE, and photo assessment via email. The later two are especially handy if the closest location to you isn’t really all that close.

But our personal favorite is the in-person consultation that allows for our consultant to get to meet you the potential client face-to-face. During the consultation, our consultant (like a Saville Row tailor) will build you a personally tailored treatment plan for your SMP procedure. Based off several different factors, our consultant will be able to then walk you through the procedure, giving you a better understanding of what’s to take place as you move forward. While this is also available during a SKYPE consultation or photo assessment, an in-person consultation has the added bonus of not only our consultant seeing you, but you seeing our SMP up close and personal as all of our consultants have had their own SMP treatment. There’s also the opportunity during an in-person consultation with HIS to not only see the treatment, but the see the facilities AND see a live demonstration of the procedure being performed.

During a SKYPE consultation, the same assessment and information will be made available to you that you would receive in an in-person consultation, but instead will be done by video conference through SKYPE. Isn’t technology wonderful? Our consultant will be able to build you a treatment plan live over SKYPE and answer any and all of your questions.

For a photo assessment via email, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. First, take clear photos of the front, back, sides and top of your scalp. The key word there is CLEAR. The best photos we see are typically taken by a second person of the individual looking for a consultation. Second, head over to photo consultation section of the website, fill out some basic information and upload clear photos of your scalp. Third, press send.

And the best thing about any one of these types of consultations with HIS is that they’re completely, utterly, and unequivocally FREE. No fee, no obligations. No matter which type of consultation you choose, they’re all free.

Once you’ve had your consultation, you are then set to book your sessions. And setting up your appointments couldn’t be easier. Simply email USA@hishairclinic.co.uk or call us at 855-447-4247, and one of the members of our admin team will be able to take care of you.

Stay fixed to our site for the next What to Expect entry.


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