What Is The Pattern In Balding?

General Hair Loss

Male Pattern Balding. It gets it’s name because it typically follows a predictable path but how predictable is it?


Male Pattern Balding

It begins, for many, by noticing more hair in the plughole. Men, by nature not the most observant on this sort of thing, will often discover they have started on their hair loss journey when it is commented on by a friend. Or worse, a stranger. At least that is the case when the hair begins at the crown of the head, where it most unlikely to be spotted by the wearer and much more noticeable to those around them. If they’re lucky the comment will come from a sympathetic corner, a family member or close friend. If not it can happen at work or socialising, we have read so many of their testimonies among the tens of thousands of posts to our forum and these harsh moments of discovery clearly leave their mark.

What Should You Expect?

Genetics play the primary role but individual hair loss is just that, individual. While there are a few broad truths, that the hair loss will almost invariably start at the temples or crown for example. But hair can be lost in either location and not in the other. You may see your temples recede with no significant loss at the crown, or the other way round. While it is more common to have both it is far from standard.

The other main variable is the pace of progress. At one end of the spectrum we hear from men who lost their hair in a matter of a few months, sometimes while still in their teens. When we say lost their hair we mean they went from a full hairline to a Norwood Scale 7 where just an arc of hair remains at the back of the head, connecting the ears.  The good news is that not all will progress to that extreme stage. Nor is it a linear path to the end of your hair loss advance. Some will see hair recede suddenly then stop, for no obvious reason. It might continue again a few months later, or stay roughly where it is for years… just one of the unknowns confronting a transplant surgeon when considering where to locate those follicles.

Splitting Hairs

Your hair basically comes in two types. The hair from the back of your head is different, it is why transplant surgeons harvest the follicles to be moved from that region. Those follicles are genetically programmed to be stem cells, so they do not shed. Just how many of those type of follicles you are born with will dictate the ultimate extent of your hair loss.

HIS Hair Clinic

So it is a world where nothing is certain or completely predictable. Just one of the reasons Scalp Micropigmentation delivers a genuinely new option for anyone suffering with their hair loss. SMP, with a quick follow up session, can quickly address even the most accelerated advance.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete the contact form at the side of the page or click here to find your nearest clinic.




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