What is diffuse hair loss?

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Diffuse hair loss is not a condition as such, but more of a particular pattern of hair loss. It does not occur in any one particular spot as by definition it is thinning of the hair all over the head, in fairly equal proportions in all areas, however the back and sides tend to be more resilient

Diffuse hair loss is more common in women than in men, and can cause embarrassment and lack of self-esteem. For most women their hair makes a difference to how they feel. Being able to follow the latest fashion is important and if the hair is thinning this causes stress which in turn can trigger more hair loss.

Hair loss is natural when hair dies and new hair grows, but it is not natural when there is an increase to the amount of hair being lost and new hair is not replacing it. This increase in loss all over the head is known as diffuse hair loss.

It is important to check with a specialist to find out the underlying causes. Illness is often a factor in any form of hair loss and a check on your medical history is advisable. Tests would need to be taken for such problems as thyroid and hormone abnormalities. When the body’s system is out of synch it can affect the way hair grows. Tests will show if there is an imbalance in hormones, for instance, and being able to address this, the hair will eventually grow back.

Hair has to cope with many changes to the body and knowing when there is a problem will not only lead to a healthier life it will maintain a good head of hair. Diet plays an important role in the health of body and mind and can greatly affect the growth of hair as well as its look and texture. Although more common in women than men, men have been found to suffer from diffuse hair loss as well.

Today’s society puts more and more pressure on people not only to look their best but to also keep up with latest trends and fashions. This is particularly noticeable in celebrities who often lead the way in fashion. Hair fashions can have a detrimental effect on the hair, tightly scrapped back hair will damage hair follicles to such an extent the hair will not grow back.

Busy lifestyles have an effect on diffuse hair loss. Stress and anxiety can also be part of the problem and with schedules to meet and competition in life being at a high the body becomes stressed. Relaxation therapies can be of great benefit, essential oils massaged into the scalp will not only help to relax but also stimulate the hair follicles encouraging growth. Relaxing in a warm bath with a few drops of oil such as lavender will encourage a good night’s sleep which in turn rejuvenates the body.

There are different types of hair loss some of which are permanent, diffuse hair loss is not normally permanent. It is hair thinning caused by imbalances in the body’s system, stress or anxiety. Finding the cause is important and professional advice needs to be sought. It will not be an overnight fix and several tests may be required before a solution can be found. Over the counter treatments stating they can stop hair loss should not be used. It is important to find the initial cause.

The normal range of hair loss can be anything from 50 to 150 strands of hair a day. This is natural to keep a healthy head of hair. When more hair is lost than is grown then there can be a problem. Diffuse hair loss is relatively easy to define. Unlike patchy hair loss, diffuse hair loss occurs when the scalp starts to thin all over but with the right care can be reversed. The earlier thinning hair is treated the more chances there are for a full success story.

When damage occurs to the hair follicles they can no longer hold hair roots in place. This happens over a period of time with the hair shafts thinning each time a new strand is grown. At this stage advice is needed in order to treat the scalp and reverse the process. As one of the problems with thinning hair is stress it can be a vicious circle as more hair loss causes more stress. Relaxation is the key.

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