What causes male pattern baldness?

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Hair loss can cause lack of self-confidence and stress. Men can have different causes than women for hair loss but the effects can be the same. Today’s society dictates the fashion styles to be followed and that includes men. At one time many men went to the barbers for short back and sides and if they were thinning on top or bald that was how it was meant to be. Now hair styles and fashions are closely followed and these can have an effect on hair loss.

The most common form of hair loss for a man is known as male pattern baldness. This can start as early as their mid teens and is normally seen when the hair starts to thin on top. This can cause distress in young males as it has been known as a sign of ageing or being old. Early hair loss is hereditary and is caused by testosterone, the male hormone, producing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which shrinks the hair follicles and stop them producing hair.

A familiar sight for men with male pattern baldness is the horse shoe shape of the top of the head. The hair starts to recede at the front then follows through on the top leaving hair on the sides and at the back. For most it will lead to total baldness. This is not due to any form of illness and as such no treatment is required.

There are treatments available to help slow down the process such as minoxidil and finasteride, however their effectiveness is not consistent for all users and side effects are common, particularly in the case of finasteride. Wigs are now made that are a lot easier to wear than they used to be and can be kept on when sleeping, bathing and swimming. They look a lot more authentic. Hair transplants are another option. These are costly and do take time before the full effect can be seen. Another commonly used remedy is the topical concealer such as Toppik, Couvre, Nanofibres or DermMatch.

Stress plays a big factor in hair loss but it is not usually permanent. Reducing stress levels will help, fining the cause of stress or anxiety is important. Essential oils can help relax the body and mind when used in a warm bath. Massaging the scalp will encourage circulation in the scalp and help to improve the condition of the hair follicles. Eating a healthy well balanced diet will help to produce healthy hair and give it a shiny look.

The use of hair colourings, especially those containing bleach, can damage the hair follicles and stop them from producing hair. The hair can become brittle and break easily causing more damage. A good shampoo and conditioner used regularly will help along with a regular head massage to stimulate scalp.

The constant wearing of a hat can cause damage to the hair follicles leaving the unable to hold the hair root. When possible a hat should be taken off and not worn all the time. Once permanently damaged, the hair will not grow back. However some fashion styles dictate the wearing of hats and this has come to cause young men to have thinning hair earlier than normal.

Any sudden hair loss should always be discussed with a professional to find the root cause of the problem. Certain types of illness such as cancer can cause complete hair loss due to the drugs used to control the cancer. For most, however, once the treatment has finished the hair does grow back. Hair is lost every day and this is natural. As the hair dies new hair is growing and to help keep this healthy brushing the hair will pull away the dead hairs.

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