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Professionals in the world of hair care, along with their array of medical weaponry, recommend the use of a household item to help in the battle against hair loss and much more besides. We look closer.  


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At the first sign of hair loss, that terrible moment of discovery, many will do the right thing, if worried, and head for professional advice. In the consulting room of their doctor or dermatologist, they will receive appropriate advice. For some, this might involve blood tests to rule out a number of potential issues. For the vast majority, however, the advice will be centred around the fact that the hair loss is down to unavoidable hereditary factors. For these people, there is an increasing range of tools available to help with the condition. The basis of which is the now almost traditional Rogaine and Propecia, FDA approved treatments that can halt the advance for many – though require a lifetime commitment and come with some side effects. 

For an increasing number of men and women though, the first course of action is not to head to a professional. It is to reach for a connected device and search Google. Where a search for “hair loss” will return you nearly a billion results. To describe it as a minefield would be an understatement. There are thousands of snake oil treatments available, try making one up and searching for it, it probably already exists. So the importance of finding good information at a critical time has never been more challenging.

Professionally Recommended

Before you immerse yourself in that google search, which might take so long your hair loss battle will be over before it began, try this simple addition to your hair care routine. It comes with the promise of a range of benefits, a cheap and natural tool that can cleanse your scalp, balance the pH level and exfoliate. All of which will promote hair growth and healthier hair.

This simple product is quite possibly in your kitchen already, and if it isn’t then it can be picked up on the next grocery run. Get yourself to the condiments aisle… and look for a label that says Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Rightly lauded for its many properties, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is mildly acidic. As is our hair, due to the build-up of oils and sebum. Individual hairs have their cuticles disrupted through the use of many products, which tend to be alkaline. By closing the cuticle ACV can make the hair visibly healthier adding smoothness to individual strands and an overall shinier appearance. It may even result in an improvement for those who suffer from breakage and split ends. The same acidic properties of ACV mean it is an effective exfoliant. Tests have shown that even in a dilute form, 1 part in 4, it can protect against a range of scalp infections, though it needs to be applied in more concentrated form to be effective against yeast and fungal infections. 

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Apple Cider Vinegar would seem like another sensible, occasional, addition to a good hair care routine. All the more so if you are at the early stages of hair loss. It also has the important virtue of being genuinely respected in the medical world for its antimicrobial properties. What it is not is a replacement for the conversation with a professional, though it is likely to be more rewarding than many google searches on the subject. 

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