Treating hair loss in Asian men

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Asian hair is different to that of a white caucasian person, as nature has its own way of ensuring the body can cope with the different conditions in different parts of the world. Skin pigmentation for instance, will be different for those in hotter countries so they can withstand the sun and heat better. The same goes for the hair. Asian hair is thicker as the hair follicles are completely round which also leads to straighter hair. They do not have as many hairs per square inch but because of the thickness of each strand it looks denser.

Different countries and different cultures have different eating habits and as Asians generally have a lower fat diet it is thought that this can help them retain their hair longer. However, with western ways co-existing in their culture their habits and diets are changing and it has seen an increase in hair loss. There is no scientific proof to confirm or deny these thoughts but there is a definite change.

The hair has a three stage cycle which continues throughout its life. The longest stage is the anagen which is the growing phase and normally lasts up to 7 years, for Asian’s the span is up to 9 years and this could also be a reason why their hair loss is not as prominent. It has been found that for every balding Asian man there will be three white men. This could be down to genetics, lifestyle, environment, diet etc. and as Asian hair loss seems to be increasing it could well be down to the ongoing adoption of Western lifestyle habits.

No matter which individual loses hair it can be devastating and for some cause embarrassment. The stress of this alone can cause further hair loss and stress is known to be a cause. As soon as hair loss is seen, the help of a professional should be sought. They will look into family history, lifestyle, diet, exercise, illness, medication and so on. There is not one miracle cure that will help all. Treatments need to be tailored to the individual. Propecia and minoxidil are two commonly used drugs, however they are not without their drawbacks and do not work for the majority of balding men. Furthermore once these treatments have stopped, any benefits are quickly reversed.

There are growth boosters that can work alongside these treatments and are often specifically made by the professional or clinic. They can contain minerals and vitamins in stronger doses that when massaged into the scalp will be absorbed by the hair follicles. As Asian hair is different to that of the Caucasian it is important that the right treatment is used and this can be made to each individual’s needs at a clinic.

Change of diet, particularly if the Western diet is being used, could help with the condition of the hair. The body needs a good well-balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals in order for it to survive and cope with day to day challenges. Too much fatty food can lead to obesity which in turn is thought to produce more oestrogen and create a hormonal imbalance which can then lead to hair loss. A high fat diet could also increase DHT in the body and speed up the hair loss process.

An alternative and permanent way to treat hair loss, particularly genetic hair loss, is scalp micropigmentation. The procedure is non-invasive, safe, effective and permanent. For more information see our Treatment page.


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