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After a stellar career spanning decades, and always featuring his thick black locks, John Travolta, has finally come clean about his hair loss. Very clean indeed. 


John Travolta In Pictures

His acting career started on television, where he appeared for four years until 1979 in a show called “Welcome back, Kotter.” It was in 1977 he got the break that would propel him to stardom when he appeared in the surprise film of that year, Saturday Night Fever. Grease, where he appeared alongside Australian poplet, Olivia Newton-John, would cement him for a generation as a superstar. Although his career did decline during the eighties, he bounced back spectacularly to star in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in 1994. From there he went from strength to strength landing great roles in a series of successful movies, winning a Golden Globe for his performance in the brilliant Get Shorty. 

More recently has seen him spend time the other side of the camera. He won a Primetime Emmy Award for producing American Crime Story: The People vs. O J Simpson. He was also nominated for another Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role as attorney, Robert Shapiro, in the same show.  

A History of Hair

There are a couple of features that stand out on John Travolta. One is his piercing blue eyes, that were clearly popular with casting directors. But the other was unquestionably his hair. It featured heavily in his early story, where Grease required him to use a comb in almost every scene. In fact, it is a rare film where he is not asked to run a comb through his hair for the benefit of the camera. It is fair to say his hair became a trademark, defining his look and becoming the envy of less hirsute men everywhere. 

Rumors seem to have circulated about his hair for a very long time, the grapevine repeatedly telling us that there was some trickery involved. The suggestion was that even back at the start of his career he was having to address problems with thinning. The solution was almost certainly a hair system of some sort… hair fibers do not allow the wearer the luxury of a comb. Given the extravagant, thick nature of his hair, a weave would have seemed to be most likely. If his hair loss really did begin that long ago it is entirely possible he has had to upgrade the solution over time as the hair loss progressed, almost certainly ending up with a traditional hair system using glue.

Coming Out As Bald

Most likely, the pressure of maintaining the regime over decades began to tell. Or maybe he simply could not be bothered anymore. In any case, the A list veteran now in his mid-sixties decided enough was enough and posted a selfie that would clear everything up for his fans. A picture posted at an event, accompanied by his daughter in the shot, showed a relaxed looking Travolta seated at a black-tie event without his hair system. What we get to see is a standard guy in his mid-sixties with a modest amount of remaining hair, somewhere between a Norwood 6 & 7. Profoundly bald, but smiling and undoubtedly handsome. 

HIS Hair Clinic

Maybe he is simply not being offered the sort of roles that require him to don the hair system and play a man a couple of decades younger than he really is. Whatever the reason, we would like to welcome him to the bald hall of fame. UK tabloid, The Sun, chose to run the selfie on top of an article which featured a series of stills from some of his biggest roles. Each was posted next to an edited version showing the actor how he might have looked rocking a bald head… unfortunately it was in their sad, moronic, style with mocking captions.  Shame on them. 

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