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hair loss top tipsA recent survey has found that less than forty five percent of women will maintain a lifelong head of full hair, whereas almost half of all men end up affected by hair loss. Meaning that it’s actually a very, very common condition – just something we aren’t all keen on talking about openly.

The same company, who carried out this initial survey, also found that forty percent of Australians were losing their confidence as a result of thinning hair. On top of that, one in five people were experiencing depression as a result. When it came to dating, half of people were likely to select a partner based on their hair and hair loss has been impacting the love lives of almost a quarter of Australians. Therefore it’s pretty clear that our hair is very important to us and when it’s looking good, our mood ends up considerably improving.

Causes of hair loss

In order to understand how we can deal with hair loss better, we need to know what’s actually causing it in the first place. Factors such as stress, a poor diet, medications, ill health, age and hereditary conditions all affect the hair cycle. These factors can contribute to hair falling out, a decrease in the thickness and the quality of hair and even a reduction in the density of follicles.

How to deal with hair loss

Both men and women who are suffering from hair loss are advised to initially get more exercise, reduce the amounts of stress they are exposing themselves to and to improve their daily diet before moving on to clinical treatments.  Although there are oral and topical medications available to tackle hair loss, they must be taken continuously in order to sustain results.

While you are waiting to see results from the above mentioned methods, you can also use clever disguising techniques to make the most of what you have. Use volumising products such as mousse and powders to lift the roots and give the illusion of thicker hair or consider scalp micropigmentation.  The best bet is probaby to see a specialist hair loss clinic if you’re getting concerned as they’ll be able to advise on the treatments that are right for you.


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