Top 4 reasons why a shaved head is the way to go

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To have hair or not to have hair, that is the question. Well for most men it is less of a question and more of a “problem”. But worry no more, because the shaven look is the way to go and here is why…

1. There is little to no maintenance required when you just shave it off. No more worrying about shampooing or having to spend time styling. No bed head or hat hair. Just wake up and go.


2. It ends up saving you money, or at least gives you another option on what to spend money on. Imagine not needing to buy products for your hair at all, or having to go to the barbershop for a haircut. It may seem minuscule but that extra after work drink sounds more appealing than dealing with the hour wait at the barbershop.


3. Playing sports just got way easier. Running and sweating in an intense game of basketball or soccer is enough activity, who wants wet hair all in their face while doing it. Stay cool and just buzz it off!


4. The shaven look didn’t get the nickname “Power Cut” from no where. Some of the most successful men in the world are cutting it off. Studies show that this male-cropped top is correlated with manliness and dominance. So dress for success and start with your hair.


Jeff Bezos – CEO and Founder,

So with all the added benefits what is stopping you? We get it. Bare to the bone is not exactly what you want. Our Scalp Micro Pigmentation gives the appearance of a full shaven look that allows you to have all the above advantages as well as a hairline and density that enhances your face and overall look. Hear the stories in our video library of some of the men that took their look to the next level and find out more about how the treatment works.


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