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Whether you have been bald for years or are facing your first summer with hair loss, we encourage some different thinking…


Summertime Blues

The start of summer is always a welcome time of year, the warmer weather helps but it’s also when many of us take our vacations, when the kids are off school, when festivals take place… in temperate zones it massively improves the options for a day trip or evening out. The extended hours of daylight are not just welcome, for some they are a physical necessity and having miserably hibernated through all those cold dark months these people can spread their wings and enjoy life again, for a while.

For a hair loss sufferer the world can be seen through a very different lens. To be clear, we would distinguish men with hair loss into two groups, those who suffer and those who just have hair loss that does not bother them at all… sure, they would, given the chance, have it all back, but they can live perfectly happy and fulfilled lives without it. For the sufferers none of those things are true, the hair loss fundamentally impacts on how they see themselves, leaving them feeling separated and inadequate. They struggle to make the social impact in their group that they should, they feel that their appearance stops them making new friends, or is responsible for them struggling at work, especially if they are the victim of bullying around their hair loss.

Perfect Timing

Our heartfelt advice is to embrace summer, to shave down that head and get out to catch some rays. Use protection of course but there is nothing like some colour on your scalp and face to improve your general appearance. Beyond a simple improvement in how healthy you look, not least because you have ditched the hat which would otherwise be cursing you with a line across the bottom of your forehead above which everything is a ghostly white, a suntan does wonders for your own self-confidence… it is always a better face to look at in the mirror.

If you have been through previous summers you will know what we are talking about and the truth in our suggestion. If this is destined to be your first summer with hair loss then there is no better time to shave down… or be doomed until next spring before such a great opportunity comes up again.

HIS Hair Clinic

The added bonus, obvious to us, is that shaving your receding hair down, and getting used to that as an appearance, is the perfect preparation for moving on to a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. We know that for some the dread they feel at the prospect of stepping out without a hat is huge, to do it having shaved even tougher. But the rewards are immense, and SMP is there as your safety net should it all prove too much.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts simply complete the contact form at the side of this page, or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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