Thyroid Hair Loss

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People who are concerned about the loss of their hair, should consult their doctor to establish whether or not they are suffering from thyroid hair loss.

Whenever your body requires extra energy, or when energy levels are deficient, the hair cells are shut down automatically to redirect the energy elsewhere. Such a deficiency could be related to poor diet or lifestyle, however there may be an underlying health problem that is responsible.

There are three main types of hair loss. The most common in men is male pattern baldness, although female pattern baldness can cause hair loss in women. Various forms of alopecia may also be responsible, and of course, there is thyroid hair loss. It is worth mentioning that as a man losing his hair, you are most likely suffering from male pattern baldness, a perfectly normal and natural condition. Only a doctor will be able to determine for sure however, therefore it is worth checking to establish whether alopecia or thyroid hair loss may be responsible.

A doctor has at their disposal, a range of drugs to treat loss of hair caused by a thyroid problem. Furthermore, alternative therapies such as evening primrose oil are found to be quite useful in correcting thyroid hair loss, in at least a proportion of cases. Aromatherapy is also found to be effective. Essential oils of thyme, cedar wood oil, lavender, and rosemary mixed altogether and applied on the hair can help. Ayurveda medicines such as bhingaraj oil or brahmi oil have also been used, although we cannot confirm their effectiveness. Both oils should be applied to the scalp without disruption for at least 3 months. In addition, the ayurvedic herbs amla and ashwagandha will also help stimulating hair growth.

Finally, more direct action may be appropriate. As well as our MHT® scalp pigmentation techniques, alternatives such as hair transplant surgery may be suitable for some people. For more specific advice, please feel free to contact us.


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