Thinning hair “most ageing trait” according to survey

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Experts claim Wills' bald spot adds eight years to his perceived age

Experts claim Wills' bald spot adds eight years to his perceived ageMale pattern baldness is remarkably common, with over 60% of men affected by their mid 30s and over 85% by their 50s. It is therefore, a natural part of the ageing process for most men but according to a recent survey, thinning hair doesn’t just come with age – it actually makes you look older too.

Balding adds on eight years!

Recently, experts declared that Prince William looked more like a 42 year old than his actual age of 34, simply because of his increasing bald patch. In fact, according to them, balding ages men more than any other physical trait.

Grey hair, being overweight or even a beard can put up to five years on a man’s appearance but nothing ages a man faster than going bald. Losing your hair can add a staggering 8 years.

For some men this can be seriously career limiting, think film stars or sportsmen who rely on youthful looks to secure work at the highest level. It’s easy to how see Wayne Rooney was persuaded to go for a hair transplant – he could have been washed up at 31 if he looked like was actually 39.

Not all bad news for baldies

It’s not all bad news for bald men though. Looking older can bring certain advantages, such as the impression of wisdom and an air of gravitas. Another recent study established that bald men are viewed as more masculine, dominant and stronger.

Whilst it may be hard to accept thinning hair in your early 30s this study suggests that you should embrace the change and actually help nature along by taking the razor to your remaining hair and going for the completely bald look. If that’s too much of a stretch then you could always opt for scalp micropigmentation to keep the illusion of a close cropped full head of hair keeping the best of both worlds.


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