The Ultimate Taboo Subject: Why Do Women Not Want to Talk about Hair Loss?

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woman tearing hair out

woman tearing hair outHair loss is something that’s most associated with men and it’s openly talked about, with lots of advice on what men can do once they do start to shed. However, it’s surprisingly common in women too; especially those aged over 50. The trouble is, it isn’t something that is talked about very often so when it happens, women don’t know how to handle it.

So why is hair loss in women such a taboo subject?

Pressure to keep up appearances

These days there is a huge amount of pressure placed upon women to look their best. A large part of this is sporting healthy, shiny locks. The hair is strongly linked to self-esteem. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for women to lose confidence and become devastated by any form of hair loss or hair thinning.

It somehow makes women feel less feminine if they start to lose their hair. So when it comes to talking about it, they are understandably more reluctant to open up and admit the problem.

Modern lifestyle could be contributing to pattern baldness

While hair thinning is a natural part of the ageing process for both men and women, pattern baldness could be caused by lifestyle habits. Straightening the hair for example, could be causing irreversible damage that you’ll regret later on in life.

Over the past five years, GPs have noted seeing an increase in the number of women seeking help for some form of hair loss in the UK. It appears to be a growing problem yet not enough is being said about it.

How to cope with hair loss

If you do start to lose your hair or you notice it’s getting thinner, it’s natural to worry. However, there are treatments available that can help. If the problem is hair loss related, you’ll need to get a proper diagnosis from your GP to establish the cause. Then they’ll provide you with a range of options.

If your hair is getting thinner with age, you can also try out various techniques to add more volume to the hair. There are specialised shampoos that can make the hair appear thicker, along with various vitamin supplements. If you have the money, laser treatments are also available and they can also help with some types of hair loss.

Overall you’d be surprised just how many women do suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. It’s time to break the taboo and start raising awareness of this very real and devastating problem. Just remember treatments are available that can help.


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