The Japanese men who celebrate their baldness

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The Japanese Men Celebrating Baldness

The Japanese Men Celebrating BaldnessFor most men, hair loss is devastating and embarrassing to deal with. They search endlessly and spend a fortune on potential cures. However, hair loss isn’t always regarded as a bad thing and the Japanese are starting to embrace their balding problem, rather than worry about it.

They’ve even created their own club which hosts annual get togethers to celebrate baldness. It may sound bizarre, but could celebrating your baldness be the best way to deal with it?

Would you be a part of the bald club?

The Tsuruta City Bald Men’s Club is home to just 65 members. Each year they come together and take part in games as they aim to raise awareness.

Members of this unusual club claim they feel much more confident now that they have embraced their baldness, and that’s all thanks to the club. While it’s only just gaining recognition, the club was actually started back in 1989. Its whole purpose is to encourage people to look at baldness in a more positive way.

The Japanese aren’t the only ones to embrace their bald heads. Many men from all over the world are discovering the benefits of going bald. Some studies have even shown that bald men appear more confident, and are seen as more attractive. But what if you aren’t ready to fully embrace the bald look?

The benefits of SMP

If you’d love to embrace the bald look but you’re not quite ready yet, there is an alternative. SMP is a tattoo style treatment, inserting small pigments into the scalp to create a fantastic, realistic shaved look.

It’s a long-lasting treatment, but will fade over time. So, once you are ready to embrace your balding head, you can simply stop having top up treatments every year or so. It’s an affordable and zero maintenance solution and has shown to really boost confidence.

Overall, it’s great to see some men can embrace their baldness, rather than be ashamed of it. Male pattern baldness is an extremely common problem and by embracing it, millions of men could lead much happier lives. However, for those who really don’t want to, treatments such as SMP are a fantastic alternative.


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