The hair brush that prevents hair loss

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The hair brush that prevents hair loss

The hair brush that prevents hair lossIf you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things (IOT) then chances are you soon will. It’s an umbrella term for a whole variety of smart gadgets that automatically connect to apps and servers remotely. To date these have mainly been everyday objects, such as refrigerators which order online or smart bins that work out when they need emptying. The latest addition to the internet of things is, believe it or not a “smart” hair brush from L’Oreal, Kerastase and Withings.

Aims to reduce temporary and permanent damage

The Kerastase Hair Coach, powered by Withings is designed to tackle “head on” the problem of aggressive brushing and the damage it can cause to otherwise healthy hair. It’s been known for a while that brushing too hard can cause temporary and permanent damage, causing split ends and even shedding. Many hairdressers recommend brushing hair in the shower, with the combination of conditioner and a large comb to minimise detrimental effects.

The Hair Coach is actually a brush with some sensors and a wi-fi connection. Using a microphone, a 3 axis accelerometer, a gyroscope and conductivity sensors it can measure how hard you’re brushing, if your hair is wet, how sunny and windy it is and even humidity. This information is then sent back to a centrally hosted app which evaluates the data and keeps track for you as well as offering helpful tips on improving your general hair health based on brushing styles and various other external environmental factors.

Is early adoption a good idea?

If you want to jump into this technology as an early adopter then be aware that Hair Coach comes at a premium of £200. Whilst it may work perfectly from the onset history has also taught us that brand new technology products often come with their fair share of bugs and glitches and sometimes don’t survive beyond the first production run if there’s little consumer demand. Then there’s the problem of having yet another device that needs charging or replacement batteries.

And the jury’s out on whether a smart brush can help prevent hair loss – whilst it may help avoid loss associated with breakage, it’s unlikely to have any real effect on male or female pattern baldness – for that, you’re better off sticking with tried and tested treatments.

By all means, give the Hair Coach a go but don’t be surprised if you’re back to your trusty old brush after a couple of months.


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