The DIY hair oil that is said to reduce hair fall

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The DIY hair oil that is said to reduce hair fall

The DIY hair oil that is said to reduce hair fallThe hair loss industry is worth billions of pounds which goes to show that lots of people take the condition very seriously indeed.

The effects can be traumatising as confidence and self-worth disappear along with the hair. For every genuine, clinically trialled treatment though there is the modern day equivalent of snake oil being pedalled online.

Onions? Seriously?

Since history began there has been a range of weird and wonderful “cures” for hair loss that have ranged from applying bull semen to the scalp to drinking the urine of a virgin cow under a full moon.

The one home treatment that regularly crops up though is the humble onion. There is some science behind this as onions contain sulphur which is known to stimulate blood flow which it’s proponents claim helps with the regeneration of new hair follicles. There is even some trial evidence to suggest onions can help slow down hair loss although the case is far from proven.

One particular recipe calls for hibiscus, onions, coconut oil, almonds, fenugreek seeds, vitamin e capsules, olive oil and curry leaves. The author of the recipe claims the curry leaves contain amino acids which stop hair losing its colour and that the anti-oxidants in olive oil prevent breakage and cleanse the scalp.

There is no real clinical evidence, of course to support either of these claims but the mixture isn’t likely to do any harm so you could give it a try if you don’t mind smelling like a very fragrant curry.

Talk to the experts

The first and most important thing to do if you have sudden hair loss is speak to your GP as it may be the symptom of an underlying health issue.

Once you’ve done that and hopefully ruled anything serious out the next port of call should be a professional hair loss clinic such as HIS Hair where they can advise you on the options that actually work. You’ll be able to find out about laser therapy, scalp micropigmentation, transplants and a range of clinically trialled compounds, just don’t expect them to recommend onions.


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