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“The close shaved, cropped or ‘skinhead’ hairstyle is one with a long but chequered history following its birth in 1960s Britain, and its relation to racist, anti-racist and working class politics.

Most people’s reaction to the word ‘skinhead’ is not a good one. As a cultural group, skinheads have been seen as stupid, violent racists. It is undeniable that a lot of ‘skins’ as they were known have been involved in far-right groups or held racist views, but the origins of skinhead culture were much more linked to multi-racial working class unity than any kind of white pride fanaticism.

Skinhead culture emerged as a result of two shifts in British culture and society in the early/mid 1960s. Firstly, the Mod scene which had been so popular amongst British youth had begun to split into different factions. While the middle class Mods were able to carry on pursuing the latest Carnaby Street clothes and fashionable haircuts, this was out of reach to most working class Mods. This led to the emergence of “hard Mods”, who marked themselves off from their peers with shaved hair, tight jeans, braces and work boots. This style, based on the typical style of British working men at the time, served to separate them from the old Mods and the middle class hippies of their generation.

Fast forward to 2010. Whilst the youth subculture of Skinhead is all but dead, the hairstyle is thriving, however gone are the days of factions and political statements. The ‘buzzed’ haircut is now associated with people from all walks of life and is sported by a seemingly limitless celebrity following. David Beckham and Justin Timberlake are two such examples, and have played their part in making the buzz cut mainstream again. An army of young professional workers have adopted the style and as a result, a short, cropped haircut is just as at home in the boardroom as it is anywhere else.

The perception of the shaved hair style has changed. Men with shaved hair are seen as attractive or even sexy by many women. For others, the attraction is simply the convenience of a short haircut, requiring very little maintenance. Either way, there is no doubt that a short hairstyle has exploded in popularity. The old stereotypes are no more, and the style is just as socially acceptable now as any other.

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