Survey Paints Depressing Picture of Hair Loss Effects

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An American survey has shed some light on how suffering from hair loss can make us feel and the effects it has on our day to day lives. We look closer.


Good Housekeeping Guide

It sounds as though it might have spawned in the fifties, part of the Stepford Wives type aspirational lifestyle choices that people were making in the aftermath of the global conflict that was world war 2. In fact, Good Housekeeping has been around for well over a century and performs an important job for its followers. It provides reliable information on safe and beneficial products that Americans have grown to trust.

Surveys in the Good Housekeeping Guide are not your typical magazine survey. There is no hidden agenda seeking to promote a particular product. So it was with great interest we read the findings of their study into how we feel about hair loss. Here we share the principal findings. 

Hair Loss Survey Results

The first stat to attract our attention was the one that said 82% of respondents suffered from thinning hair. Which means that nearly one in five did not. Presumably, they were prompted to complete the survey through anxiety that it might be in their near future. 

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they found losing hair “upsetting” or “awkward.” Just how upsetting and awkward is highlighted by the fact that 27% admitted they do not talk about it at all.

Nearly everyone, 94%, said their confidence had taken a knock, which again strikes us as an understatement… borne out by the fact that almost 70% said it had stopped them having their picture taken. Over half, 56%, said it had stopped them living a full life. 


The fact is that among these respondents will be a few for whom the problem is not hereditary. For them, a trip to a hair professional can help identify the trigger, which may be stress or an underlying health condition, and address the problem. For the majority, the problem will be standard pattern hair loss, of the type we inherit from both parents. For them, there is a full spectrum of solutions and treatments available, from medication like minoxidil to PRP and laser therapy. 

HIS Hair Clinic

A survey that looked purely at how hair loss makes us feel is an unusual event. One that was conducted by such a reputable publication with no agenda beyond an improved understanding is rare indeed. Our thanks to the Good Housekeeping Guide… if you would like to see their original article please click here

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.   


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