Study shows salons need to pay more attention to hair loss

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Study shows hair salons need to focus on hair loss

Study shows hair salons need to focus on hair lossA new study by HAIR+ has shown that salons need to start paying more attention to hair loss. It isn’t just men who are concerned with their thinning hair.

The number of women experiencing hair loss has increased dramatically in recent years. This means, they are seeking help before, during and after they start to lose their hair, giving salons the opportunity to step in.

What did the results show?

Long gone are the days where women walked into the hairdresser and expected a simple cut and blow dry. These days, a lot more is expected from modern salons. There’s a particular interest in on-demand hair fashion such as hair enhancements and extensions.

The exclusive survey questioned both salon owners and consumers to find out what clients expect in terms of hair loss solutions at the salon and what is currently offered. Interestingly, it discovered that 75% of men surveyed were concerned about hair loss in the future and it’s mostly a concern for those who haven’t yet experienced it.

The treatments that are initially tried are vitamins and supplements, closely followed by professional salon products.

Hair loss offers salons new opportunities for growth

The results of the survey clearly highlight the potential for salons not currently offering hair loss solutions. It’s something both men and women are very concerned about, with most seeking help to prevent hair loss in the first place.

Over 75%of salons questioned stated that they expect hair loss to become increasingly important to their business as time goes on. At the moment, the majority of salons focus upon treatments that can be used once hair loss has already started. However, as the research showed, what salons should be focusing on is preventative treatments.

Overall, hair loss is becoming a massive market and salons would pay to invest in treatments and solutions that can be used before, during and after hair loss is experienced.


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