Stock up on seafood to keep hair ageing at bay

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stock up on seafood to keep hair loss at bay

stock up on seafood to keep hair loss at bayYes, it is possible to eat your way towards the prevention of hair loss, but where to start?

If you’re looking to tweak your diet towards maxing out your intake of hair growth-boosting nutrients, then according to recent reports the first place you need to head to is the fish counter.

Be selfish with the shellfish

Let’s start with the basics: if you want to boost hair growth, you need a lot of keratin1 – because without enough of it, hair growth will slow and hair strands will weaken.

You can get that from all manner of proteins – meat, eggs, nuts, beans and even beer – but experts agree that fish and seafood are the best source of a welter of hair-enriching nutrients, including essential fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamin B3.

Want proof? In a study conducted in 2012, a group of women who undertook a seafood-based hair growth supplement experienced a 125% growth in the amount of terminal hairs after a mere three months.

Think Pink

What’s even more interesting is that an uptick in your fish-related intake can also fight premature greying, with prawns playing a starring role.

Not only do they contain a high level of zinc – which is an important factor in helping your hair retain its natural colour when the aging process kicks in, as well as regulating the production of hair-boosting androgens – but the huge Omega 3 boost is as beneficial to your hair as it is to your heart, as it helps hydrate the scalp and minimises dry, brittle hair shafts.

Throw in a valuable boost of iron, which fends off anaemia and helps create essential red blood cells, and it goes without saying that if your diet permits fish and other assorted seafood, then you need to make it a staple of your diet if you want to keep a full head of glossy, healthy hair for as long as possible.


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