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Star Wars veteran Warwick Davis, a big man in a very small body, has spent a reported £10K on a hair transplant. We did not see that coming…


Warwick Davis

Everyone’s favourite Ewok, Warwick Davis, has enjoyed a stellar entertainments career. The 3ft 5′ actor first hit our screens in Willow, alongside a very young Tom Cruise, and has rarely been off them since. He has worked with many of Hollywood’s A-listers appearing in Star Wars and the Harry Potter films, while at home in the UK he has featured in many TV shows including an award-winning Ricky Gervaise vehicle.

Apparently a close associate has been gossiping to UK tabloid The Mirror, telling them that Warwick has forked out a spectacular £10K on a robot hair transplant performed in the North of England. The source went on to say “Warwick was becoming increasingly self-conscious about his receding hair.”

No doubt the truth will come out in due course as we watch for pictures of Warwick’s new look to appear – though of course it will be several months before we, or he, can expect to find out how successful the procedure has been.

HIS Hair Clinic

We were taken aback at this news… it is not often we pick up on hair transplant stories. We understand that for some screen celebrities, their appearance will feel paramount and the realisation that their hair loss is advancing will see them resort to wigs and transplants. But for Warwick Davis there can surely be no question that his treatment might lead to more roles, or that allowing nature to take it’s course would be likely to in any way curtail his career. The fact that he has gone through a 5 hour session that is far from pain free is testament in itself of how determined he was to do something about his hair loss.  This is a man who has spent his entire adult life with people looking down at the top of his head, so maybe he feels he has a reason to be motivated into doing something. This is also a man who lacks nothing in self confidence, charisma or presence. Which speaks to how deeply personal an issue hair loss is for those that truly suffer with it, if you really feel the need to do something about your hair loss then you most definitely should.

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