SMP Into Unshaved Head

General Hair Loss

It’s a regular question on the forum so we know there are plenty who will appreciate seeing just what can be achieved.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Since inventing the procedure, well over a decade ago now, HIS Hair Clinic has consistently provided leadership to the rapidly growing industry. Whether in terms of equipment, pigments or technique, HIS have been at the forefront of developments.

The Need To Shave

For clients who had never previously shaved their scalp it could be a daunting prospect. Shaving the scalp prior to treatment has always been considered a necessity – providing not just the clean blank canvas for the practitioner to work on, it is the style choice for anyone considering Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to address a hair loss situation that has seen all hair lost from the top of the head.

For some clients however, like the gentleman in question here, their hair loss is not so advanced that this is their only style option. As you can see, the ability for SMP to add the appearance of density to thinning hair is truly impressive. For some men, it might stave off for several years the point at which they have, or feel they have, no option but to shave down. Bear in mind this is what was achieved in just one session, this is not even a complete treatment yet.

Leading The Way

HIS Hair Clinic had the market to themselves for several years. In fact, it is only very recently, though ferocious marketing efforts, that any other competitor clinics have begun to appear. More recently still in the USA, where the first SMP clinic was opened by HIS in New York less than a decade ago… it is truly amazing to see just how many brands have established themselves there in that short space of time. While this testifies to the power of the treatment to change lives, it is entirely reasonable to question where the depth of experience they lay claim to has come from.

HIS Hair Clinic

So this article comes with a health warning. SMP for clients who still have hair and do not want to shave is entirely possible. However, it must follow a consultation with an experienced practitioner who is capable of visualising the outcome. Then, of course, they must be technically capable of flawless delivery.

Get it right and the promise of several years of holding onto your hair awaits. Get it wrong and you may well be forced into an early shave… along with some remedial work to improve the SMP which is now in full view.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our friendly hair loss experts simply complete the contact form at the side of this page, or click here to find your nearest clinic or view the scalp micropigmentation cost.


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