Should You Be Making A Date With This Hair Loss Cure?

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Dates. Festive fare if ever there was one. But who knew it has properties that should put it at the top of your shopping list if you have hair loss?


The Not So Humble Date

As a species humans have been cultivating dates for a very long time. There is archaeological evidence of dates being cultivated for food as far back as 7,500 years ago in eastern Arabia. While it is believed to have first been grown by humans in what is now Iraq, it is hard to be certain. Partly because the date has been around for an estimated 50 million years but also because they were transported efficiently to be grown in just about every region of the world where the climate provided enough warmth… and they need a lot of warmth. Pictures of date palms on frescoes show that they were popular garden plants in ancient Rome.. despite it not being warm enough for the plant to fruit. The ancient Egyptians also made wine from them and the Bible tells us that the tree was heavily cultivated for food in ancient Israel.


The fruit is mostly sugar when ripe, it makes up about 80% of the total. The good news is that this is not refined sugar, but it is still sugar so you will need to be conscious of just how many you are putting away. But the rest of the constituents are a terrific list and make the date one of the healthiest fruits available. Along with the protein and fibre you will get a shot of iron, boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc. It is a fantastic list of minerals each coming with recognised health benefits.

Hair Loss Helper

It strikes us as great news that this seasonal treat is a positive addition to a hair loss sufferers diet. Pantothenic acid, also know as vitmamin B5, plays a crucial role in hair production and dates are a terrific natural source. Even better that you are doing some good for your iron levels, adding some fibre  and treating yourself to the full range of benefits enjoyed by regular date eaters… from protecting against tooth decay to improving your love life and much more besides.

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We hope that this encourages you to reach for the dates this holiday, there will almost certainly be some in your vicinity.. and if there aren’t maybe you should take it on yourself to get some in.

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