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The story of Rob Wooton from Houston and the tattoo on his forehead made us think he should have gone to HIS Hair Clinic.


Bad Choices

Our daily scan of news articles from around the world turned up the story of Robert Charles Wooten. Truly a man who can consider himself a victim of his own series of very poor decisions. Here we have a man who had access to a willing tattooist and was prepared to have his head tattooed, but instead of requesting his tattooist attempt his version of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) he asked for, and got, a series of very unusual facial tattoos. There are a couple on his cheekbones and another directly beneath his left eye, a third, a rudimentary cross, sits low and central on his brow. But the one that really catches the eye is always going to be the series of numbers across his forehead – instantly recognisable to any American as a Social Security number. Not just any Social Security number though, his own one.

Whoops I Did It Again

What made us shake our head when reading his story was that Robert was already known to the police, and not in a good way. He was an established career criminal with a string of convictions for everything from indecent exposure to drug crimes. Described as “notorious” by Houston police investigator Frank Keenan talking to KPWC –  he also explained that his department want to talk to Mr Wooton in regards to a string of recent armed robberies, some for items as petty as cigarettes.

HIS Hair Clinic

It is hard to be sure exactly where it all went so wrong for Robert Wooton. But the day he chose to have his Social Security number tattooed onto his forehead was definitely not one of his finest. Had he attempted SMP that day who knows. He would possibly have been motivated to find HIS Hair Clinic for the necessary remedial work to fix whatever had been done. Better yet, as a bald man in his thirties maybe finding HIS Hair Clinic could have had such a profoundly positive effect on his sense of self that he might have turned his life around. And maybe not.

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