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Surgeons in the UAE have been speaking out about the issues they are seeing with clients returning from abroad suffering issues associated with cheap hair transplants. We look closer. 


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Over the last couple of decades we have seen an explosion in the number of men, and increasingly women, who have elected to go the route of hair transplantation to address their hair loss.

There are several underlying reasons for the uptick. Top of the list would have to be improvements in the technology and techniques used. So clients no longer have to concern themselves with hideous strip scars, the legacy of removing large clumps of follicles from the donor area… which is fine until the client suffers from further hair loss ultimately forcing them to shave down and reveal the scar. Some of which can resemble a wound from a serious injury, the worst giving the impression that you might have suffered a terrible blow from an ax at some point in your past. 

Buy Cheap Buy Twice

An article in the Khaleej Times, a Dubai based news organization, has been talking to local transplant surgeons who all tell a disturbingly similar story. They all talk about over 50% (some much higher) of their current clients coming to them for remedial work following treatments abroad… with Turkey named as responsible for much of the bad practice. 

Turkey has become synonymous with cheap transplants. Package deals are available that include flight, accommodation, and treatment. The warning comes that often a single surgeon will be managing multiple clinics with technicians doing the actual surgery in a production line style environment. This can result in damage to the donor area and relocated follicles which ultimately do not survive the transplant, or grow out in the wrong direction. The gaps in the local health regulations and their limited enforcement mean that clients have little or no protection. This extends to the typically low quality of aftercare. Treatments like PRP, MESO and vitamin therapy are all usually used as part of a supportive follow-up. 

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The absence of regulation, or even a qualified surgeon, should be of concern. Combined with the absence of meaningful follow-up… most clients will be back in the original country by the time any problems present, with little or no option for returning to the treatment clinic for advice. So the “buy cheap buy twice” warning kicks in as you are forced to attend a local clinic requesting a remedy. 

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