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Sarah Gaffney-Lang, from Manchester in the UK, battling her own brain tumour, is an inspiration to many through her story and support for Wear A Hat day. We look closer.


Sarah’s Story

Sarah Gaffney-Lang was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the tragically young age of just 29. Surgery attempting to remove 95% of the tumour did not work as planned and complications left Sarah unable to walk. Since then her mobility, through physiotherapy and Sarah’s own seemingly limitless supplies of determination, has improved considerably.

What turns a sad story into a remarkable one is how Sarah has coped with the various stages of her journey. This month sees her undergoing the final cycle of twelve chemotherapy sessions, following a diagnosis after a collapse at York races in September 2016. Sarah’s reaction to losing her hair during the chemo treatment was typical of her upbeat approach to everything, she said she was proud of being a “baldy” and delighted to be saving a fortune on hairdressers and styling products. Her demanding physio routines saw her learn to walk using zimmer frames and walking sticks, which she would delight in “styling up” – Typical of a woman who describes her  life as “inconvenienced” by her illness.

Wear A Hat Day

The national charity, Brain Tumour Research, launched Wear A Hat Day to raise funds during March each year, with March designated as Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Now in it’s 9th year there are events at schools and workplaces all aimed at raising awareness and understanding, as well as raising vital funds for new research.

Sarah’s story caught the eye of Caprice. The former model was diagnosed herself with a low-grade brain tumour a year ago, successfully removed she continues to be monitored by her medical team. Caprice told Brain Tumour Research “I have been so touched by Sarah’s story. Its just amazing that brain tumours affect so many people,. This devastating disease is indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any age. I’m proud to be working with this sassy and stylish young woman and so many others to support Wear A Hat Day. I want everyone to get involved! It’s such a fun event and anyone can take part. Inspired by Sarah, let’s all put our hats on and do something positive to support the fantastic research going on right now. I’m determined to try to make a difference for the 16,000 people diagnosed with a brain tumour each year.”

HIS Hair Clinic

Losing their hair can have a devastating affect on women undergoing chemo. It is refreshing to see the indefatigable Sarah taking it “head on” so to speak, her enthusiasm for life undiminished by her illness or the condition it has left her in. More than that she is inspiring many others to support her chosen charity, we wish her and her supporters well. To learn more please visit the Brain Tumour Research website by clicking here.

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