Primary hair loss causes

General Hair Loss

Types of hair loss can occur under different conditions. Both men and women can lose hair and for many, this can cause embarrassment. It is important in the first instance to understand how and why the loss of hair has occurred as there are a wide variety of potential culprits that could be responsible.

Recovering from an illness can be one cause as the body’s system is not working properly, and the minerals and nutrients that are required to keep a good head of hair could be lacking. It is also worth checking the side effects of any medications you may be taking. A comprehensive list of drugs linked to hair loss can be found here.

Hair loss due to illness is not normally permanent and a new head of hair can grow back when the illness passes. Medication can also be a cause of this type of hair loss. Trying herbal remedies and relaxation can be of benefit.

There are products available both natural and man-made that can help restore the natural balance of the scalp, which in turn can sometimes bring about the regrowth of hair. Please note these remedies offer little to prevent or reverse genetic hair loss (known as androgenetic alopecia), but may help with any temporary issues that are causing your hair to fall out. The exception to this is perhaps finasteride, however the drug has long been associated with severe potential side effects.

When the hair follicles are damaged the hair cannot be held so causing bald patches to occur. Wearing a hat on a regular basis can cause damage to the hair follicles and hair often will not grow back in these areas. Some have to wear a hat as part of their everyday job such as a policeman and it is noticeable that they can have a receding hairline where the hat is constantly rubbing on the scalp.

With the pressures of today’s society to look good and keep up with fashion can be stressful and this in itself can cause hair loss or make the hair look limp and lifeless. Massaging the scalp with an essential oil will help to stimulate the circulation and improve the vitality of the hair. A good night’s sleep will help as the body and mind relax and restore its natural defences.

What options are available?

Over the years many attempts have been tried to replace lost hair and today there are products and forms of surgery available to help. There has been success in hair transplanting but it is invasive and can take up to a year before the benefits (if any) can be seen. There have been a lot of recent articles about celebrities who have gone ahead with this procedure and for them it has sometimes been a success. As people want to look younger for longer they do not want to be seen without hair.

At one time a wig or toupee was the only option available and although now greatly improved with real hair being used on lighter bases, it is still a temporary fix. However, they have greatly improved and can be worn at all times even whilst in the shower or swimming. As with all forms of treatment this does come at a cost and medical advice should always be sought first.

Scalp Micropigmentation, commonly referred to as SMP, was developed by HIS Hair Clinics back in 2001 as a permanent, safe, effective alternative to hair restoration surgery. Learn more about the history of SMP or to cut straight to the results, see our video library.


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