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We are not normally given to promoting products on these pages, but this one came with a ringing endorsement and offers a wholly organic approach to restoring thickness for women experiencing hair thinning.


Female Hair Loss – A Hidden Problem

There are an estimated 6 million women in the UK alone suffering from hair loss.  For some it is the upsetting but temporary experience of post-partum hair loss, the type experienced just after delivering a baby as your endocrine system settles back down. For others, though a tiny proportion of the total, it can be one of the rarer forms of alopecia… areata (small circular patches of hair loss), totalis (losing hair from scalp and face), or universalis (complete loss of all hair from the entire body). There are other triggers for hair loss too, thyroid issues for example. Again, a treatable condition that will hopefully, in time, see the patient make a complete return to a healthy head of hair. 

For the vast majority of women hair loss will come in the form of the hereditary type that sees hair thinning across the top of the scalp, but not the hairline which usually stays intact. That is the principal difference between hair loss for men and women… that and the options for treatment. Men always have the option to shave down completely, but it is the treatment options where women come up short. Currently, there are only two FDA approved medications and only the topical one is available to women. 

Hair Envy

Hair Envy is a treatment made from 15 different plant extracts. absolutely no ridiculous medical claims, no sneaky active ingredients. If your Grandma was going to make a hair loss tonic, and had access to a great garden, it is the one she might have come up with. 

The list of ingredients certainly gives it a luxurious aspect. Juniper berry, lemongrass, eucalyptus, jojoba, castor… and many more. Each ingredient picked for its own properties. One, in particular, caught our eye… Cedarwood is reputed to enhance circulation and of course, is closely related to another aromatic wood, Sandalwood – which featured in a recent article on here when a team of researchers discovered a hitherto unknown ability to promote hair growth simply by smelling it. 

HIS Hair Clinic

There is no doubt that our diet and how we treat our hair, in terms of maintenance, plays an important role in our hair health. We have seen claims that the Hair Envy treatment has the ability to produce thicker healthier hair even for women of a certain age. It certainly does not belong to that class of hair loss products that are essentially repackaged minoxidil, heavily marketed to appear like a genuine new entrant to the market.

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