National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Alopecia, General Hair Loss

You may not think it, but August is actually a very special month! In the US, August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month; it shines a spotlight on the condition that more than 80 million American men and women suffer from. There are many factors that cause hair loss it can be related to general mis-treatment of the hair, psychological issues such as stress or sometimes the loss is simply unexplainable.

Although there is not a specific month for hair loss awareness in the UK, there are still organisations that work hard to highlight hair loss and alopecia such as Alopecia UK and Alopecia Awareness. Alopecia is the general term for hair loss; it refers to a small patch or area of hair loss or complete loss of hair all over the body. Alopecia UK provides information on the physical aspects of alopecia and provides support and advice for sufferers. According to Alopecia UK alopecia affects approximately 1.7% of the population and both men and women are equally affected.

Alopecia Awareness was founded in 2005 and it was created so that people can gain a better understanding of alopecia. They work alongside GP’s, hospitals, schools and colleges, to help to educate people on what alopecia is. One of their main aims is to showcase the fact that alopecia is more than just simply losing your hair – it has a vast effect on confidence and self-esteem.


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