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HIS Hair Clinic announce their solution for the unregulated, and largely unqualified, world of Scalp Micropigmentation. An opportunity for SMP® technicians to assert their experience and skills.


The Challenge – Standing Out In A Crowded Market

HIS Hair Clinic invented Scalp Micropigmentation and have remained at the helm ever since, leading the way with new techniques and equipment that the world has consistently followed.

The challenge for would-be clients has always been that with relatively few HIS clinics many find themselves faced with a local choice of indeterminate quality and experience.

The need for official qualifications for technicians has always been there, in recent times the void has been mostly filled by aggressively marketed start-ups offering courses leading to certificates of dubious value. This has the twin effect of delivering unskilled technicians onto the market and leaving those would-be clients with an ever diminishing quality of choice.

Of course there is also the challenge to committed technicians, those who have invested time and money to reach the standard they have achieved… who find themselves competing with those unskilled technicians with no meaningful way of distinguishing themselves as superior.

The HIS Hair Solution

His Hair Clinic have announced that through their subsidiary, The SMP® Academy, they will be delivering an accredited Level 4 Certificate in Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP®) designed to accredit practicing technicians. “Level 4” is a recognised educational standard similar to BTEC Professional Diplomas and can take up to 6 months to complete…. though it can take considerably less. Make no mistake, the assessment is a thorough process and leads to a meaningful and recognised qualification which will be required to obtain insurance in the near future.

The Certificate has entry criteria… you will already be independently completing treatments as a minimum. Naturally, anyone who has completed an SMP® training course with HIS qualifies, as do trainees from other clinics as long as they are completing SMP® treatments independently. Finally, there is the set of experienced practitioners who do not currently hold an official qualification.

HIS Hair Clinic

While the market today remains completely unregulated, it’s rapid growth and increasingly divergent results from different clinics suggest that will change in the near future. Acquiring the appropriate qualifications ahead of time makes a lot of sense then, but it is the ability to easily distinguish yourself from the ever deepening sea of under-qualified clinics that is the real opportunity.. not to mention of course the chance to receive your training and certificate from the global leader in Scalp Micropigmentation

So demonstrate your experience and dedication to the Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP®) industry, register your interest by emailing or calling:

EMAIL:            success@hishairclinic.co.uk


UK/ROTW  +44 (0) 845 359 2924

USA               1 855 447 4347 (1-855-HIS-HAIR)







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