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Medicine has recognised the benefits of the lettuce for a very long time, we take a closer look at this humble hair loss cure.


A Long History

We have been cultivating lettuce for absolutely ages. Around 6,500 years ago the lettuce made a transition from being just another weed to a plant that we grew. The variety we now know as Cos or Romaine was harvested for the oils that were extracted from the seeds. These seeds were used for a variety of purposes from cooking and medicinal to being used in the mummification of bodies.

Fast forward to the Egyptians and the lettuce was to be imbued with aphrodisiac properties, the straight and tall nature of the plant they believed to resemble a phallus and to prove their point when the leaves were broken a milky liquid was produced – which they saw to be a mix of semen and breast milk. This very blend turns out to the food of the Egyptian god of fertility, Min. So there you have it, a pretty watertight case for the miraculous power of a lettuce.

By the time of the Greeks and Romans, a full 4000 years later, the lettuce had become what we know it today, a favoured salad item that, like all leafy food, aids digestion and provides essential minerals.

Hair Loss Helper

While the majority of cases of hair loss are due to unavoidable genetically inherited traits, a significant proportion of the rest are due to deficiencies in diet. Lettuce is rich in zinc and iron and contains vitamins A and C. All of which are essential elements of any diet aimed at saving hair.

Ayurveda, a popular alternative medicine with it’s roots in India that is gaining followers around the world, recommends lettuce as an effective remedy for hair loss.

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6,500 years is  long time for us to be eating lettuce to only just discover it’s restorative powers for fighting hair loss. Surely in our connected world the word would be out on it by now. There is always a case for something to have been believed for so long, that it might have some truth… the possibility remains until a serious study is made of the humble lettuce and how it interacts with our systems.

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