Kiwis say no to hair loss

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Kiwis say no to hair loss

Kiwis say no to hair lossAccording to a new survey conducted by top hair loss specialists Alpecin, Kiwis would rather give up alcohol and sex than go completely bald.

Coming in as the number one fear for men, the shocking results highlight just how important a full head of hair is perceived. Interestingly, it was men in their twenties who would rather give up sex and chocolate than lose their precious locks.

It isn’t just men who are concerned either – women who took part in the survey also claimed they would rather their partner gave up sex than lose all their hair.

Hair loss perceived as unattractive

So why are men so concerned with going bald? Whilst more men such as Radio DJ and Comedian, Leigh Hart, have spoken out about being “bald and proud” there still does appear to be a stigma attached to bald men.

Those surveyed revealed they felt they would be seen as less attractive and insignificant. It’s also well-known that hair loss can trigger a massive drop in confidence and self-esteem. For this reason, those who do start to experience balding tend to resort to extreme measures to protect their image.

What are the options?

Unfortunately, those worried about going bald may not have a choice. A massive number of men and women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. It’s a common problem and the good news about that is there are now lots of potential treatments available.

For the early onset of thinning, topical treatments can work wonders. Minoxidil for example is readily available and has shown significant results. For those experiencing more severe balding, hair transplants and SMP can be a great choice.

Both offer long-term results, though if you’re looking for the least invasive and cheapest treatment choice, SMP would be the procedure to opt for.

Overall, the new survey does highlight just how desperate men are to avoid going bald. If you have the same concerns, don’t be afraid to look into the various treatment options out there.


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