Just How Far Off Is A Hair Loss Cure?

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We are covering ever more stories about young pharmaceutical firms, and some not so young ones, with ambitions in the hair loss sector. So we ask the question, just how far off is a hair loss cure?


Up To Date On Hair Loss

Over a series of articles, we will bring you right up to date on the progress of some of the most exciting and ambitious projects in the hair loss sector. In recent times we have seen come to market of just a handful of genuinely original contributions to men and women sufferers. Laser caps and cooling caps address very different problems but with the same aim, to help the patient hold on to hair against the odds. On the medical front, we have seen PRP take it’s place, with its blend of new science and what seems like a common sense approach. The results on all these are not necessarily what we, as sufferers have in mind when we imagine a cure… that still involves sprouting fantastic, Gerard Depardieu style locks. 

When we ask the question, how far off is that stellar and simple cure, we will look at efforts of the latest research by teams at the bleeding edge. We hope that by doing so, we will build a picture of our current level of understanding, which seems to be improving at an ever accelerating rate, and, just maybe, how much longer we might have to wait.

Today, in our first of this series, we will take a look at the work of Rivertown Therapeutics Inc. The youngest of all the companies we will be looking at, Rivertown has a unique approach which involves a topical treatment… as a direct consequence of which they can accelerate development time by avoiding some of the more demanding regulations around medications designed to be swallowed or injected. 

Rivertown Therapeutics Inc.

Only founded three years ago, in 2015, by neurologist and scientist David Weinstein MD, Rivertown was established to bring to market a specific product. We like Dr. Weinstein, unfazed by his own hair loss he took the opportunity to try out a molecule he had developed for peripheral nerve regeneration. He had seen it grow unexpected hair on mice in what was called, at the time, a side effect as they explored the properties of the molecule. 

Unfortunately, for Dr. Weinstein, the molecule did nothing for his hair loss. Undeterred, he went on to create a brand new molecule, RT1640… which he has further developed into a topical treatment. 

Microbiological Approach

Dr. Weinstein’s idea was to combine his existing molecule with some additional ones to produce a combination with what he claims is a robust approach to the problem.

Described as “involving “a complex set of interactions that require the recruitment of stem cells, their differentiation and incorporation into the growing hair shaft. Along with melanin and growth-factors this triple whammy on hair loss can be enough, claims the Dr., to not only regrow hair as if that isn’t enough but that it will grow pre-grey hair in your original colour. 

HIS Hair Clinic

It’s a great place to start, Rivertown embodies the bold, lone scientist with an idea… and who would bet against the cure being found by just such a person.

The prediction for RT1640 is to become both a scalp lotion for hair loss and a cream for use on overplucked eyebrows. 

We will certainly keep a close eye on the current and planned trials for Dr. Weinstein’s super-smart sounding molecule. 

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