Just How Far Off Is A Hair Loss Cure Part 7

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Our tour of the smart young companies, some not so young, researching the next generation of hair loss treatments continues with a look at the work of Cassiopea.



Not to be confused with the constellation that appears in the northern sky and is named after a Greek queen who boasted of her unrivaled beauty. That is Cassiopeia, completely different. This is a biotech company, trading on the Swiss exchange where they went public in 2015, with its focus on developing topical treatments for skin diseases, to which they recently added hair loss to their target list. 

Cassiopea has an impressive and cosmopolitan group of individuals at its helm, people with a great deal of experience in the worlds of pharmaceutical and research. Board member Dr. Jan De Vries PhD (immunology), in particular, has an eye-catching CV. This multi-award winning former head of Novartis Autoimmunity has written over 200 papers, had 20 patents granted and bought 15 compounds to clinical trials. 


For the last couple of years, the team at Cassiopea have been developing a hair loss treatment they call Breezula. Like everything else they have in development, Breezula is a topical treatment. It works, or at least the idea behind the science on it working, is that it can interfere with the negative effects of the dreaded DHT and androgen receptors by blocking that interaction. 

Trial Success

Cassiopea announced earlier this year that their Phase II dose-ranging trial results were “very positive.” Which in plain English means that they were able to evidence an improvement but also to identify the optimum dosage for maximum benefit. These results will be the platform, they hope, for a successful transition to the next phase of trials and ultimately to a tube of ointment on the pharmacy shelf. 

HIS Hair Clinic

It is a mix of those impressive individuals and the pure common sense in their approach that gives us some hope for Cassiopea. As a topical treatment, it will not be subject to the rigors of clinical testing that we rightly expect for anything to be taken internally… simply because it avoids so many of the interactions by being topical. We will continue to watch their progress and hope that great things can be achieved by Breezula. 

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