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Ever wondered how your favourite Hollywood heroine manages to always have five star hair? We hear from two insiders who tell all.


A Little Light Reading


ENews! is not everyday reading here at HIS HQ, if you do catch us with a copy it will usually be due to a Hollywood leading man stepping out with visible hair loss… we find that sort of thing compulsive reading. How hair loss is reported is always of interest, not least because it has a direct impact on how we feel about losing our own hair. More importantly, it sets the tone for how everyone feels about hair loss. When one of the glossy magazines, or internet media outlets, runs the latest article about some poor fella with receding temples suggesting his career as a leading man is done and dusted it is difficult not to form a negative impression. Of course there are plenty of men out there who have bucked the trend, Bruce Willis and The Rock spring to mind. But there have been examples of powerful bald men going back a long way – The Seventies saw Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner as hairless sex symbols. So let’s not kid ourselves that the presence of a couple of bald leading men is anything other than a salve, the message from Hollywood is clear – Hair is good, bald is bad. So for every Bruce Willis there are ten John Travoltas who have reached for a hair system to sustain their career.

Its Different For Girls


For women in Hollywood the choice is even more stark. Be flawless or be unemployed. Wigs have played a vital function for women in the movie industry for as long as there has been a movie industry. It is hard to imagine what the hair of a leading lady has to go through, endlessly pampered and preened, coloured and cut. Small wonder damage is par for the course. Naturally, wigs are the go-to solution when needing to step out in public, fortunate then that wigs have come a long way in recent times. ENews! spoke to two of the most popular wig providers to the Hollywood community.

Amy Gibson is a stylist, with her own history of Alopecia Areata, who specializes in helping women losing their own hair. Tokyo Stylez (that might not be his real name), pictured above, is the hair designer who works with the latest generation of celebs, the Kardashians and Ariane Grande as well as established faces like Naomi Campbell.

Amy told ENews! that wearing wigs has completely lost its stigma through popularity, she estimates that over 50% of women are now wearing additional hair, either in wigs or extensions. “I watch wigs instantly increase my client’s confidence and sensuality” she adds.

Tokyo describes his process as starting by staring at the wig block and imagining the whole creation in his mind’s eye. He then creates the base and the dye and customizes the hair line. “Once that’s done I go into style mode” he says. The whole process takes around two hours.

Both will offer wigs that start at around $1000, for synthetic hair. While the top end wigs using human hair can set you back up anything up to $8000.

HIS Hair Clinic


We appreciate the value and importance of wigs, especially to women… and in particular, it has to be added, for women going through chemotherapy. Hollywood plays an important role in creating an atmosphere of acceptance for new styles – the conveyor belt seems never ending for treatments that are briefly considered madness before the process begins, breast augmentation is a great example of something that was almost unheard of a generation ago but has become ubiquitous.

Here at HIS we understand that for many women wigs will not be the answer. The good news is that there is a huge array of treatments that can help. A free consultation with one of our friendly team of experts can bring clarity to your personal situation and the options available to you. Simply complete the contact form at the side of the page or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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