How to style long hair – and the dangers

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long hair style man

long hair style manThankfully man buns started to go out of fashion long ago back in 2015, although many men chose to carry on growing their hair out. However, since it’s something that is definietley had its moment, you could try styling your hair in the following ways;

  • A low ponytail. A ponytail can be something which is low maintenance yet can appear both sleek and professional – just don’t wear it to the side!
  • In a braid, this is something that most men wouldn’t dare to do however as long as you’re secure and confident with yourself you could easily give it a go. Braiding your own hair can be difficult especially if you’ve never done it before, so consider asking someone else for help.
  • Wear it down as it is, it can feel liberating and fun to show everyone how your hair has grown. Wearing it down may mean having to prepare it by paying close attention to your overall grooming choices and regularly brushing your hair throughout the day.
  • Dye your hair a different colour, or bleach it even. You may find that after having dark hair for your whole life, you actually look even better blond! Your hair can be a way to express yourself and the longer you’ve grown your hair out, the bigger your canvas.
  • Cut it – I don’t mean cut it all off, but longer hair gives you more opportunity to try different styles. After having your hair long for such a long time, cutting it off can feel liberating and can be the perfect way to start fresh.

The dangers of styling long hair

Unfortunately, styling long hair can create some problems in the long term if you place constant strain or tension on your hair follicles by consistently creating the same hairstyle. Traction alopecia is a hair loss condition which develops when there is repeated pulling on the hair follicles, this leads to the hair follicles weakening and the hair falling out. Also, the constant tension can cause so much damage to the hair follicles, that they no longer produce any hair at all.  Then’s there’s also the risks of heat damage from using dryers and tongs etc. and even the risk of permanent problems from chemical dyes.

Whatever style you opt for just make sure you aren’t seeing anything signs of thinning or the hair changing it’s texture to become more dry and brittle.



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